BLAKE SKELTON - CLASS OF 2022 -DOB 1.24.04  #22

Name, Title

"Commitment is a big part of who I am and what I believe in.  Being committed to winning is part of being a great teammate .  Training is a game of adjustments. I learned in my first year of track (this year) that you MUST trust your coach.  He's your boss,  your teacher,  and knows your limits more than you do.  But the effort is between me and me. I'm going to use all my tools, and my God-given ability to push myself  far past comfort. And when I think  my tank is empty,  I recite Isaiah 40:31 "But they that wait upon the Lord will mount up with wings like eagles...they will run and not be weary". 

          Blake Skelton  Class of 2022


Random "Blaketoids"
  • Blake has glasses. He won't wear them.  He thinks he looks like a dork. So front row in class it is. Best place for a talker to be:)

  • He'd rather play any sport with a ball than win the lottery. Just kidding......

  • His favorite college basketball player is Austin Wiley (and loves his Mom, Vickie Orr Wiley). Austin #50,  fhas followed in his Mother's  legendary footsteps at Auburn University. Both always took the time to talk to Blake when he was young & shy. 

  • He doesn't like Peanut Butter. We know. It's odd...

  • Although he goes by "Blake" (one syllable is easy when parenting), he is named after Rock Wilson, a former Auburn Baseball Great. 

  • He is adamant in all sports that his  jersey is #22 (unless unavailable..then they make one!) It's a tribute to his mother that was #22 for Auburn Women's Basketball from 1984-1988.

  • Blake continues his "Blake's Blessings Bags"as he collects travel sized items & seals with notes in zip lock bags to distribute wherever he goes. This is a project he has done for three years and insists on no attention for it as he feels strongly that charitable giving should be done when no one is watching. 

  • When asked who he admires most on his football team, he will tell you Bobby Powell #72. He pushes himself harder than any coach can. "Heart of a Lion".